Thursday, 30 August 2007

Plastic Surgery is Amazing!

its a quiet Thursday morning.. decided not to accept work today (its was from 3pm-12am.. urgh the thought of it makes me tired already)

Last night Thurston, Kim Hong, Aaron and I went to watch Bourne Ultimatum.. its Really action packed.. its a good movie! was tired and sleepy but the movie managed to keep me awake throughout!

Soon its going to be MERDEKA! MERDEKA!! (Its 31st Aug already???) So sad i Dont feel it here.. its just another day..

Was checking out my friend's site, Sarah when i read about an interesting posting and decide to copy it (i Quote ok?)

sarah & i in dublin.. its great 2 meet up wit old frens!

These are some pics of 4 Korean celebrities BEFORE and AFTER plastic surgery (& tons of make up, good lighting & photography, touch up, intensiv diet i Bet!) ... somehow sarah must have made it a matching game.. labelling the 1st row (Before) A,B,C,D and the 2nd row (After) 1,2,3,4 and u guys have to match who becomes who.. (answer coming up later)

its really amazing how they used to look.. and all these while u guys (Yes guys) go WHOOO WAA *drooolll* over these chicks when they look so common before plastic surgery!!!

honestly.. would u guys go for plastic surgery???

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Dangerous Escalator...

lovely Tues mon after the bank holidays.. i decided to go for a hair cut at Toni&Guy at New Oxford Street.. no no, don WHOA.. its jux a trim, my hair din undergo complete transformation like those hair model pics..

after 3hrs & 5quid poorer (damn, later part of the day i got the free voucher for the hair cut.. tat is SOOO annoying!!).. i went to argos n bought a 3 drawer cupboard.. figured out my room got lots of stuff so need to get organising..

its a big box.. not utterly huge, or horribly heavy.. jux enough for my hands to carry it comfortably..
so off i go to the bus stop waiting for our 'favourite' bus 25.. n waiting.. n waiting..
the box sitting jux nicely in eric's alak chair
'Wad the heck, i tot.. i got a weekly pass, i'll jux carry it to the tube instead.. can reach home faster also..'
so i walk walk 2 tottenham court road tube.. downnnnn the stairs.. shuffling my box around.. getting thru the gates thru the baby carriage / luggage doors.. n then Down to the escalator..
i held it n balanced myself properly.. looks scary.. but no prob..
SUddenly i NeaRLY wana fall forward!..
my semi-circle cochlea (or wadeva its called, biology kantoi dy..) must have quickly recovered and i gained balance again.. still shocked
what just happened?
then i realised..
the escalator STOPPED!! bodoh siall.. then i realised i DId hear ppl pushing others accidentally or stuff lik dat jux now..
ppl started cursing n started walking down so i followed..
Chis TFL.. how can the escalator suddenly stopped lik dat.. here i was, carrying a big box in front of me going DOWN the escalator.. n theres No1 in front of me for a good 12-15 steps.. Imagine if i didnt gain my balance.. of all times for this to happen...
anyway i managed a safe journey back to Floyers, except that when i walked thru Royal mail route (sory, only floyerians/qm understand) n pass the pathology building, jux about to pass Foo's B1 when the entrance there is BLocked.. yes ppl.. the construction site have stolen a few meters of our route n completely blocked it off..
chis.. hav to make a Whole round using Shalamar kebab house route.. (ok, so its not too bad compared to Wembley stadium)
i got home safe n sound, messy hair once again n the box & I still in 1 piece each..
anyway, jux b careful when u r on those escalators..

Notting Hill Carnival!

Yessss finally my 4 days of work hav come to an end.. Mon is bank holiday after all (ya ya to u guys its Still hols anyway and for those who isnt having hols, tat means u Don hav bank Hols!)

The Notting Hill carnival is in London this weekend so i joined the seniors Thurston, Pei chia and kim hong + a fren, Joon wee from Notts, to the carnival! For more info about it:

dancers getting ready for the parade.. we were abit early...

Basically, i wud quote from the above website

Held each August Bank Holiday since 1966, Notting Hill Carnival is the largest celebration of its kind in Europe.Started as a local festival set up by the West Indian immigrants of the area it has now become a full-blooded Caribbean carnival, attracting millions of visitors from around the world. With scores of massive sound systems, many spectacular floats and, of course, the traditional steel drum bands, plus hundreds of stalls lining the streets this is probably London’s most exciting annual event ..

So its a Carribean kind of event.. i din kno until i got there and saw lots of Jamaican flags n Red Stripe (jamaican beer.. now to add tat to my bartending knowledge) and LOTS of food stalls selling the same same Jerk CHicken and fruits and corn cobs etc etc..

These r some pics n video.. (full collection wud b in my Photo gallery ASAP.. stil uploading travelling pics wit my family..)

the seniors i went out with, L-R: kim hong, joon wee, thurston & pei chia

jerk chicken.. its selling at every stall.. lik bbq chicken..bought 1 jerk chicken+salad for 4 pounds.. worth my wembley's tip or not..
duno how come this stall got msia twin towers pic (n flag on another side)

sexy ass... ooo yea...

parade photos.. more at my photo gallery soon

while walking walking.. guess who i met???

eliza!!! hehe...

after the parade around 3pm (we were there since 11am) we were very aimless so walk walk at kensington park.. then go meet joon wee's fren (tats kim hong's fren fren.. tats my fren fren fren.. frenster 3rd degree oredi) then eat at C&R at chinatown. its a malaysian restaurant.. i had singapore laksa & chendol.. Yummmm (diet? wad diet?)

singapore laksa.. the 3 big prawns r hiding inside.. 6pds at C&R

And guess again who i met there??? wad a small world man.. keep meeting ppl...

gan n vasantha!! wad a pleasant surprise...

anyway i abit tired already.. upload/blog wadeva another time.. got plans tomoro n work as well so hav to wake up at 9am n its all they way til 1130/12am again..

Monday, 27 August 2007

my Babies - sea monkeys!

lovely Sunday morning.. had a good 10hours sleep after 10 hours work yesterday..

Decided to aerate & feed my sea monkeys when i realised i've never blogged or took pic or video abt it to show u guys..

What r they? something like shrimps.. its the only INstant pet.. but i got lots of comment like they are 'kuman, bacteria, larvae, plankton.."

my sea monkey set.. no the bull dog doesnt come wit it.. i put it in for them


I must admit i was all excited getting them n watching them hatched etc.. but its been 3 months (i got them right after i start work.. so yeah.. been a busy working mum) n i din take care properly.. used to have lik 20/30 when they giv birth to more.. but now just a handful..
SOry zul, my sea monkey babysitter!!!

If u want a set too, there's Ebay! :)

Have a great SUnday, guys!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

My working life..uRghhh

halo halo.. Welcome 2 my new blogspot.. and my 1st post.. now that i got ur attention.. i duno wad to say.. *malu malu*

(WARNING: Very Long post.. terpendam n meaning to blog all these while)

if u r updated wit my latest post at u will know my parents jux left after 19 days in UK.. bring them jln2 and all.. [ full collection of photos will b available in my old blogsite Multiply... ]

punting in cambridge with my parents.. now THaT's summer!
(notice how they r shading from the sun wit their caps n i m enjoying it...)

that leaves me about 10 days remaining from my Why-Only-1-month Summer b4 term starts on 3rd Sept 07.. bcoz takut kebosanan, i mean, what else is there to do? watch anime and dota?? somehow these all seems fun when u r supose to study/go class, but when r u given the time n havings hols, its all not so tempting anymore.. wana go out also hardly any member left...

so since i memang have 3 jobs (2 which i prioritised) so i booked in for work.. for 23 24 25 26 28 31st aug (YES Merdeka day!) and 1st sept.. sounds full? well it occupies time, no1 here left also.. so wad the heck! i'll Work!

THURsday was my 1st day in the 02 arena after so many weeks holidaying. i look forward to go back to my pizza kiosk.. greeting da fun team leader n hugging my frens there.. Little did i kno.. they hav implemented a policy to change everyone around.. i was horrified.. Noooo i landed a job at the BAR.. and every1 else there was new as well that they had to exchg one of us for an experienced colleague..

my work ID card..

We had jux a 5 minits brief on how to make drinks.. then off we were mixing around drinks, selling shots & mixes for 5 quid.. at 1st i din dare make any but then when every1 else is bz i had to make those Jack Daniels & coke and gin & tonic myself.. it was pretty easy.. and i learn more about beer wit lemonade or lime, tequila and mageritas, spritzer (white wine with lemonade.. interesting) and all kind of combinations.. as long as u kno ur drinks its ok..

U think u know ur drinks?

lets hav a quiz..

If a brute comes in n say "One lager please", what do u serve them?

A. Stella artois

B. Smirnoff ice

C. Draught Boddington

D. Draught Murphy

and the answer is





A. Stella Artois... smirnoff is vodka , Bodds is bitter (but its still a beer right???) Murphy is stout.. and so is Guinness.. it just dont make sense!! They are all beer to me~~~

BUT if they ask "What beer do u have?" and u say "Guinness.. murphys.." they r gona StaRE at u...

well anyway (now that u hav a peak view into a bartender's life..) the bar closes late at the 02 compared to fast food.. so when i usualy get home at 1030/11pm, i got home at 12.15am tat nite.. tired!!!

and as it i want 2 put myself to the test.. i made an appointmt to donate 470ml of blood the nex morn.. right b4 my work.. so there i was, at the bar again, 500ml less blood, working from 4-1130pm (earlier, yay!)..

And it doesnt end there. noo.. i pandai2 apply work for da nex day as well at Wembley stadium with my 1st job, a hospitality agency. It was the Carnegie Challenge Cup Final.. i had no idea what it was.. i Din even kno it's RUGBY!


It was the Catalans Dragons VS St Helens. "WhO??" u say? British vs french team la.. ehehe Man, u REally can learn alot from work!!! St Helens beat CD 30-8 (SOMEHOW i know they will..) anyway it was a 9am-7pm job.. hav to b there 845am.. wake up 7am n leav at 730am.. what a horrible saturday..

the main reason i work at Wembley is to eye for the VIP boxes/suites.. thats where the tips roll in.. my last time at the George michael concert i got 60quid tips!! yay.. so here i m trying my lucky again although damn tired already...

a wristband to enter.. not mine also.. hehe

since its a rugby game.. the 20guests are consist of 19 men and 1 woman.. and all they ask for is Carlsberg.. they had a buffet of lamb shank and beef and salmon n 3 types of salads and choc cake and meat pie.. walau.. how to resist... i also wana eat..

what do we get? frozen lasagna.. and unless the chef heats it up for us we cant eat it (logiC!) i left for work at 730am n what time do i eat my crappy-&-not-fully-cooked lasagna? 330pm.. n NOW u wonder y we pick on the guests wasted leftovers wic r so muc yummier (Lamb SHAnk wit Gravy & salad & potatoes...!!! omg tat costs 20 quid in a restaurant!)

n Y i can gain 3kgs from work.. chis!

anyway after all that hard labor for 10hrs.. we looked forward to the "Goodbye sir and have a safe journey home" and what did my fren n i get? 5 quid.. each (thxfuly, i tot hav to split 2.50 liaw) Our frens in the nex box got 20quid each.. chis..

Yes.. one thing abt working in STADIUMS/ARENAS.. they r HUGE!!! yup, each of them boasts of their Capacity of how many tens of thousands they can fit in.. However.. it is 1 thing that i don like..

there i was in the 4th floor.. had to sign out at 3rd flr.. walk.. walk walk.. like a quarter-circle of the stadium dy with damn aching feet from 2 nites work b4 and 10 hours today.. then walk downstairs.. then walk walk walk another semi-quarter circle to find the sign out..

sign out dy.. walk walk walk.. another semi circle at least!! then take wrong lift to level 1.. end up duno wic part of the stadium so sunyi already.. ask ppl n they say 'Go there' and then.. walk walk walk another quarter circle to the exit!!

u think it ends there? walk walk walk Roundddddddddddd the stadium (yay its big i tell ya) another semi circle to the path leading to the tube.. even walking to the train takes forever.. then duno why Wembley Park Underground station must have 3 flight of stairs.. climb climb climb.. then masuk.. hav to climb back down to catch the train..

time of sign out : 6.40pm

time arrive at tube station: 7.17pm

no kidding man..n i wasnt strolling.. i walk fast coz wana go home b4 it gets dark at 8ish..

seriously that 40mins is the time taken from Wembley park to Whitechapel also! (thats zone 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 n back to 2.. crossing 5 zones in london)

n once enter tube.. got a group of lik 10 drunkish huge men, all laughing n talking so loud after the match.. i don really mind.. when suddenly another man out of nowhere started saying "Owh.. f*ck! owh f*ck" and banged the window with his hand and said "Open up!"

i was shocked.. i tot he missed his stop.. his face n his fren's face so masam.. i was wondering wads wrong..

then i smelt it..

1 of the 10 men farted..


the man who complained turned to the group n said "oh f*ck, what did u eat, man??"

one of the man who is bald, fat n loud jux laughed.. reminded me of Homer simpson.. i cant describe the stench.. every1 around covered their nose..

the air clears abit..

then he farted again..

haiz.. i exited the train n got on to the nex 1.. reached home oredi lik 830.. quite dark..

n tomoro.. hav 2 work at the 02 arena bar.. rasa macam mau ponteng la...

& u think work is fun? well got lots of experience.. learn new stuff.. meet new ppl etc but jux b prepared for the worst.. n u cant complain... unless u blog..