Friday, 1 August 2014

Highly Motivated to Do Nothing

Actually I have a lot to blog about.. eats after eats and trips after trips since the end of May till Raya.. but its one of those days that even when you have the time, you don' have the drive to do it.

And even though exams are getting nearer you lack the motivation to study. Chores piling, books waiting to be read, the world waiting to be explored..

and i can't believe its August already! Has it already been a year since i transferred back to Kuching? before you know it.. its 2015!

I won't say i am sick, depressed or moody...i'm just highly motivated to do nothing.. for now

Perhaps better luck tomorrow? Its already 11.43pm anyway.. meanwhile... *drags feet to bed..*

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Love Me, Love My Mess!

(ok, I confess.. i stole this from someone else's blog..)

But isn't it true? Someone who really loves you for who you are, and not just for the sweet smile you wear everyday to face the world but also for the frustrated tired moody sensitive overreacting complicated etc..etc etc part of you that you hide, or vent out only in the comforts of your own four walls.. the real you

and someone sees that.. and takes it all in too cause he knows all that mess makes you you... and still wants you despite it all, clearly loves you deeply enough to go through it all..

its hard to find such person.. and ever harder to let go..

Monday, 26 May 2014

Just Another Day in Kuching

I guess I haven't been travelling in a while, as my random shots of Kuching seems to be piling up. Just a compilation of where i sink my teeth in Kuching, no guarantees that the food are all great!

After Four at Satok.. the chicken wasn't that great and the portions are kinda small

Gim Burger near Tabuan.. we went at 3 and they ran out of Burger Buns! we just had the burger patties instead.. but the fries are not bad

 went another time for lunch to try it with the Bun! not bad

First time having Kurasak at Kopi O Corner, sort of like rice cooked in leaf.. reminds me of a rounder version back in Limbang

attending my friend's lovely wedding at KTS Garden, my first time here

welcomed a new baby in our extended family!

tried the Mongolian Master steamboat at Sekama

you can have 2 types of broth, and although the meats are ordered, you can still order as much as you want.. the pai kut soup and the spicy soup not bad

Tanju Dayak food above New Atmosfera Restaurant opposite Spring Mall

nice environment which gives you a local feel.. but the food's a tad too salty for me, finished my drink almost instantly

tried NK kopitiam at Jalan Keretapi next to Kwong Hup Kopitiam (famous for its Char Kueh Tiaw)

perhaps its very laku cause at 8sth most of their dishes were sold out like Tom Yam fried rice.. they have different speciality everyday

lunch at Kado on a random working day.. nice environment, food ok la

and tried out Nosh at Crown the next day.. for a RM19 spaghetti i wishes they have more stuff on it

 celebrated my dad's birthday at Colugos, the new place i would recommend for Western and Indonesian food! my dad had sup tulang, rendang and beans

 and fish too.. hard to snap a nice picture of them with such dim-ish setting though

 tried out the place during the day too.. they serve cakes too, they have afternoon tea time offers

Celebrated Mother's day at Orchid Garden Grand Margherita

 lots of Rich food.. 'nuff said

 gosh I forgot the name of this new place serving desserts and some savoury.. its opposite Chung Hua at Satok there with the purple sign board.. but I kinda regretted having curry in the late afternoon

had some porridge at Porridge shop at Satok too.. although simple, seems that alot of people come here at night! its not bad actually

 went for Japanese at Ten i Chi next to Lok Thian for dinner with some gal friends

 tried out this new dessert place with pork burgers too called Danke at Green Heights area next to Sidewalk.. the cakes not bad but i do wish its a little cosier

having sushi at Sakae at Spring for lunch

 and again at Mr Sushi, Brighton Square with my parents! seems that towards the end of May I was having Japanese cravings.. or everyone around me feels like having Japanese!

 explored Summer Mall at Samarahan as well

 many varieties at the food court.. but somehow the served food doesn't look like what was advertised

 and a pleasant new discovery! LFS is at Summer Mall (I just only knew!) and it looks much cleaner n better! need to wait for a nice new movie to check out this cinema since i already watch X Men!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

46 Things You Didn't Know about Kuching!

Saw this very interesting post by Vulcanpost at and wanted to share it here.. only cause i am a true Kuchingite myself and agree with these! (most of it at least!)

If you’d like to know more about Kuching, the beautiful capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia, here are 46 interesting things for you,

1. Kuching is the first city in the country where motorists can ‘turn left when exit is clear’ legally! (Now started to be implemented in Putrajaya)

2. More than 50% of the houses in Kuching are semi-detached houses and bungalows, significantly more than any other Malaysian city.

3. There are more satellite dishes in the backyard of Kuching houses than other places combined together.

4. Most of the pretty girls in Kuching go out without make-up,wearing simple shorts, T-shirt, and japanese slippers.

5. Kuching is the city where the majority of families here have the motto ‘one person, one car’, and not ‘one family, one car’. When the children get their license, they will eventually have their own car. Form 5 students will drive to school on their own. Even when the fuel price hiked, the number of cars in a family will still remain the same.

6. Kuching’s roundabout is very big compared to other cities. It is nearly equivalent to 1 and a half football fields. They could even build dozens and dozens of houses inside the roundabout and plant thousands of trees in it.

kuching roundabouts
7. The people here often refer to locations in the city by using the word “mile”. Examples are 3rd mile, 4th mile, 5th mile, and so on.

8. Many shops in the cities start to close at around 6pm to 10pm at night.

9. Majority of the people in Kuching are more family-minded than money-minded.

10. Places that a tourist would most probably visit when they are at Kuching are Jalan Song (for the foods), Friendship park (for dating), Waterfront area (for the culture), cultural village (for the culture also), Damai Beach (for the beach), Santubong (for hiking), and various national parks (for the flora and fauna).

11. Foods that should not be missed when visit Kuching are the famous Kolo Mee, Mee Po, Kampua mee, Laksa Sarawak, Kek Batik/Lapis, Kueh Chap, 7th mile Teh C Peng, and most importantly, Tomato Mee.

12. If you order fruit juices at food courts, prepare to face the curious and blurry expressions from the locals there. Why? Local people seldom order fruit juices in Kuching as they are quite expensive. Locals mostly ordered Teh C Peng or Teh C Special (a 3 layer tea drink).

13. Kuching has one of the most luxurious and largest state assembly building or DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) building. It’s almost like a palace.

Image Credit: Michael Boon
Image Credit: Michael Boon
14. The majority of people here are more civilized compare to other cities in Malaysia and most of them are very friendly.

15. Various languages are mastered by the locals here such as the Sarawak language, Iban language, Bidayuh language, Hokkien language, Mandarin language, Bahasa Malaysia, English, and so on.

16. Don’t be surprised if you see non-Malay speaking Iban/Sarawak language and Malays speaking mandarin. It’s a norm here.

17. Majority of local guys here have a tatoo on their body.

18. Do not expect all the long houses to be made of wood, built in the middle of the jungle, with no electricity and water, surviving with only a river stream nearby! It’s not true. Most of the long houses here are already developed and look like a long terrace house with abundant electricity and water supplies.

kuching longhouse
19. Most cars in Kuching are imported cars such as Porche, Mazda RX8, Nissan Skyline, Toyota, and Honda (this shows that the people here are quite rich). However, there are also a lot of Perodua Viva and Kancil (for rent and economic usage).

20. Kuching has lots of food courts and perhaps the highest(per sq feet) where muslims and non-muslim stalls are opened together. You can order satay and kolo mee and eat together (“Perpaduan” to the max here!).

21. In Kuching, you can go kayaking in the sea, caving, jungle trekking, mountain climbing, shopping, national park visiting, visiting border town market(Serikin-Indonesia/Malaysia) all within an hour’s journey. You can’t do that in other cities of Malaysia. You can’t do kayaking, mountain climbing, and jungle trekking in KL.

22. Kuching has a lot of churches.

23. Kuching is a city that has 2 Salvation Armies.

24. Kuching has a roundabout with a kindergarten and backpacker’s lodge (Transit point) in it.

25. Kuching has the most beautiful roundabout-flyover, called the Kenyalang Interchange.

26. Kuching has a place called Saberkas which is similar to Low Yat Plaza in KL which sells electronic gadgets.

Image Credit: Michael Boon
Image Credit: Michael Boon
27. Kuchingites’ childhood instant noodle is called the “Lee Fah Mee” and not Maggie Mee.

28. Kuching is where you can find “Whitelady” in almost all drink stalls (only Kuchingites will know what it is).

29. Kuching waterfront is where you can find “Gambir” sold legally everywhere (only Sarawakians will know what’s Gambir).

30. “Demak” brand motorcycles are produced in Kuching (that is why we have Demak Laut Industrial park).

31. In Kuching, KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds are not easily found in shopping malls, instead there’s the homegrown fast food chain, Sugarbun.

kuching sugarbun
32. Kuching has a special complex at Kenyalang Park where pirated CDs/DVDs are sold and it seems to be legal.

33. Kuching is the only city in Malaysia which has two mayors (DBKU and MBKS).

34. Kuching people are usually lazy to walk, they will park their cars next to the coffee shop they patronize, preferably by the side of the tables they sit, even if it is illegal.

35. They are not addicted to Tutti Frutti or Baskin Robbins, but Kuchingites will go for a Sunny Hill Ice Cream on a hot day!

36. Kuching has a lot of mixed marriage couples! And they respect all types of religions! You can easily see Malays attending a wedding reception in a Catholic Church, or Chinese lepak-ing with Malays around.

37. The famous 3-layered tea was originated from 7th mile, Kuching.

kuching 3 layer tea
38. Kuching is the only place where Chinese-made Ais Kacang and Kolo Mee are commonly done by Malays (We have halal Kolo Mees here)!

39. Kuching has a “Jalan Keretapi” without any signs of keretapi (which means ‘train’ in the Malay language).

40. You know what is “Terubok” and “Midin” if you have been to Kuching or Sarawak.

41. Kuching’s Oyster Pancake is extra-large and very crispy compared to other Oyster Pancakes.

42. Kuching has the most massage parlours per square km in Malaysia. You can normally find AT LEAST 20 ads of different massage parlours in a single page of the Chinese newspaper here.

43. In Kuching, the left lane is normally the faster lane. Please bear that in mind when you are driving around Kuching City.

44. In Kuching, there is no “wrong way” for your routes, because whichever direction you choose, it can still lead you to your destination. There are thousands of shortcuts here!

45. No matter how dirty Kuching is, please accept the fact that Kuching is the Cleanest City in Malaysia.

46. Kuching city was voted as one of the world’s healthiest cities, recognized and awarded by the United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO), and by the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC).

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Spending Good Friday in Damai Resort

 had a heavy breakfast at a corner shop (oh dear forgot the name).. i just remember its at the end of the shophouses opposite Grand Continental.. the char kuih here is crunchy

 visited colourful Spring

 then its off to the beach

random family shots around Damai

 family dinner for 12 at Beach Seafood restaurant.. yummy nestum prawn and fried sotong and shell-less curry bamboo clams and oyster ommelette and salted egg crab and midin and.... *burp*

 also had buffet breakfast and buffet dinner at the restaurant in Damai

and lunch at Lim Hock Ann at Buntal..

although not far from Kuching, even a short weekend by the beach with good seafood is a good treat :)

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Less than 24 hours Ching Ming trip in Sibu

Haven't been back to Sibu to visit my relatives and also go for Ching Ming since the I got back from Limbang. even this trip was quick, less than 24 hours!

 after the 3am session (no pics of course) we went to my dad's favourite Dian Bian Hu place for the speciality dish.. and also had Pisang and Krim Soda drinks, only in Sibu

and then we went to buy freshly toasted kompiang, it runs out very fast and people are lining up for it! maybe cause its fresh yummy and cheap (still at 4-5 pieces per ringgit)

Good old Sibu, trusted to find food at lower prices still!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back to Kuching.. and Work Life!

right after returning back from Bali, there's no time to waste! we were busy preparing for the WOHD national level held in Bau!

 the event was a success thanks to us all!

 we had a farewell dinner for our matron at D11 Steamboat

 quick meet up with a dear friend with italian food at Sidewalk

 buffet at Hartz Chicken Buffet, Satok! first time here since it moved!

 celebrating our senior staff's retirement and there's a bbq party that night

finally.. tried our acupuncture for the first time.. Ouch! 

Mind you, its not everyday that work is 'abit' happening, Feb-March towards April is rather busy.. it gets abit quiet in April and May...