Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Labour Day, Mother's Day, Dad's Bday

its a long Labour day and Wesak day weekend.. brought my parents to Summer Mall for a change.. and treat them to Avengers 7.. not sure if they liked it though.. snacked at the food court after that

noticed at Sushi King the prices look rather odd due to GST but its simple to guess the calculations

tried Sing Garden near the car showrooms near Hui Sing

had noodles and nasi lemak as well at Old Town

Sunday night we went to Fork & Knife near One TJ for Mother's Day and belated Dad's birthday

big portions at reasonable prices, esp the mixed grill

to add to the special event, mum had a RM40 prawn noodles at a Foochow corner shop at Petanak area, on the next block from Old Time cafe

checked out this new cafe, Coffee Obsession at Jalan Keretapi

had the hot choc, flat white, desserts and the chicken chop with beef ham

during the evening we tried John's Pie and Alley at Jalan Song

had the beef and chicken pies with mushroom soup on a rainy evening..a soothing meal with my parents!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Another short KL Trip

 looking at this hotel at Sunway reminds me of taking my exams!

 view of the theme park looks pretty as usual

 tried the Ole-Ole Bali at Sunway

 interesting cuisine.. we should have one in Kuching!

checked out another place near Pavillion as well, looks pretty here

had salmon on beans.. and a burger.. ahh! Kay eL.. rest of the trip need to eat Maggi!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Having a Course in Bintulu

stayed at a new hotel, Promenade Bintulu
 nice and clean hotel.. at a nice price too

 there are lots of eateries nearby.. Coup de Grill is one of it

 yummy italian and western food

celebrated a birthday as well, and meeting friends!

with this city being overpriced, its not easy to find a good decent deal.. at least Eve Garden is one of those places you can order a dish for RM5!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Kuching binging with Birthday Celebration

 back in Kuching, tried out Swee Kang behind Jalan Kulas there

 also went to Idealite, a vegetarian place at the same row as Beyond Veggie

 interested in Vegetarian food?

also paid a visit to Logos Kuching, world's largest floating bookstore

walking down memory lane by eating at All Joy, Wisma Saberkas

 tried out this new cafe Awah at DBNA, Jalan Kumpang

 quite a variety of local dishes at reasonable prices

 had afternoon with the gals in conjunction of turning 30

and steamboat after that!

 a birthday dinner and squid

 and 'home-made' ice cream cake! enough said

 tried out Rising Ramen at Jalan Song behind Watson

its my first time here.. not bad the ramen! something different from the typical japanese food i always have!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ching Ming trip back to Sibu

 it the Ching Ming weekend.. made a short 24hours trip back to Sibu.. its a large family reunion with 3 big tables for dinner

visited the markat at Sibu.. sago worms anyone?

 taking photos as if we are tourists

largeee prawn noodles for RM30 a bowl! eat once enough already... haha

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Office annual meeting

 had our office annual meeting at the State Library.. the facilities is nice and surrounding also refreshing with enough parking.. gotta love our office theme!

 had a Japanese treat at Kaiju Teppanyaki! :)

then we have birthday celebration with a cake from Baskin Robbins

Friday, 29 May 2015

Simple KL Short Trip

 its yet another quick trip to KL (this is what working life is?) didn't even manage to get food outside, had to call for room service (first time ever for me!)

 had Japanese dinner later at Tokyo Don, Pavillion

 snacks at Dome

 and Italian at Italliannies

not bad.. for the price haha does remind me of Italy!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Short meeting in Sarikei

 went over to Sarikei for a short work trip via Sibu.. stayed at 808 lodge.. nice simple and clean

 had dinner with really really large prawns!

breakfast at Sarikei.. note the prices are cheaper here like Sibu (in Kuching everything multiply by 2).. and the cups show the Large and Small sizes, unlike kuching little cup with saucer.. and the dish on the right? that's Laksa! Wow! culture shock haha