Sunday, 21 December 2014

Around Sarawak in a Week

This is a brief summary of some work trips (ya.. mostly back-to-back) eatings..

Kuching - Betong about 4 hours.. went to the morning market and they were selling bats!

 Also visiting the Ramadan Bazaar at Sibu just at the square, not far from RH Hotel

 Took the ferry from Sibu - Kapit, about 3 hours and RM35 VIP, RM25 economy

 Hello Kapit!

the staff cooked pansuh ayam and other local delicacies

 colourful Kapit Market

 Sibu-Bintulu about 45minutes flight.. tried the char kueh tiaw at Thian Siong Restaurant for breakfast

transiting Miri and stayed in a big room in Meritz

to go to Limbang! tried this Old street cafe at the corner in Limbang town, never been there before!

and yes! made it from south to north and back alive!

Friday, 19 December 2014

My Best Friend's ROM in KK

After that hen's trip to KL, its time to meet up again for my best friend's ROM in KK

 staying at Marina Court Resort Condominium, reasonably priced and you can fit up to 14 in an apartment!

 being a bestie who arrives earlier than the other bridesmaids, i had the 'honour' to follow the bride and groom-to-be to their photoshoot by the beach at Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort

 finally all the 8 bridesmaids arrived that night and after a good night's rest, we went to Fong Ip, Gaya Street for some breakfast. one of the towkeh taught us how to enjoy the laksa

 then its off to the yacht off the beach of Shangri La Tanjung Aru Resort..we had to go to the yacht by speedboat and the sea is rather choppy
 the beautiful set up

 in the cabin

 photoshoot towards the end.. such a lovely ROM on a yacht.. my best friend is definitely the luckiest bride i know

and the happy bridesmaids after a tiring day! it was a memorable event indeed!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Another Kuching Randoms Post

 Back in Kuching again after the KL Trip...

Towards the end of the Gawai break we had a big family dinner.. and when i say big i don't mean only big in number.. but also in Size.. and Height!

Laksa with Clam for breakfast at Thompson, Tabuan

Seafood dinner at Fook Xing Sekama.. i like the 2 types of kailan, deep fried crispy one and normal in the same dish

it was my brother's birthday so we celebrated at Portico.. had the duck liver which tastes ok but costs not so ok..

the different western dishes on huge plates

as if we did not have enough of western, we went to Howdy's Grillhouse at Jalan Song for more western, but this time with the Groupon offer

its my colleagues wedding at Baitulmal

trying out Coffee Clinic at Brighton Square

 very cozy and cute place

 also tried the Beyond Vege Secret Recipe at the junction of Rock Road

one of the favourite char kueh tiaw places around here at Kwong Hup Cafe

 having sushi at Sakae Sushi the Spring

 Suckling pig at Lok Thian Restaurant

 having coconut jelly and special Teh C Peng at Ramshid's Heritage, next to the Sogo Centre at Semariang but behind Bombay block

 R&R Food Centre, Jalan Astana

Life Cafe at Bormill.. i didn't know this place serves no pork

and to cool down after all that eating, here's some ice cream at City One , just at Sugarbun ground floor!

Monday, 15 December 2014

My Bestie's Hens Trip in KL

I have yet to blog about my Besties Hen trip to KL over the Gawai holiday (and she's already married by now haha) We were met to go somewhere else north but conditions did not permit so, so we ended up stay in KL.

 actually before the trip i had a meeting in Putrajaya KL

 whenever i have meetings here, I always book Everly Hotel, its convenient and attached to Alamanda! (in fact i been here 3 times this year)

 a view of alamanda at night, before it is renovated

 after my meeting i met up with my close friends for afternoon tea (16) at Pastis, Mid Valley Gardens

 main course at Pastis

my closest friends from colleague and uni! thanks for the reunion!

 had dinner at Lot 10 Lutong that night

and breakfast at the same place

 went shopping at had rest stop at Starbucks and lunch stop at Tous les Jours towards Pavillion

dinner at Ichi Zen at Tokyo Street, Pavillion

 and supper at StarHill Tea Saloon.. with alcohol!

 stay at Regency Dorsett hotel that night

 the next day we had some buns at The Loaf, KL Sentral new wing

 then its off to Genting!

 had dinner at Bubbles & Bites

 yum yum.. 3 pretty girls enjoying the night at Genting

we went for Magic Show : Peter Marvey which took our breath away as he levitates.. or floats.. or walk on air!
and not to forget, we need to take many pictures together! i had a great trip with my Besties in KL, hope my dear hen enjoyed her trip before she ties the knot!