Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Going for Course in KL

Just like any other profession, once the new year starts we need to refresh our CPD points and start again another year of collecting those 40points/ 7 days.. so I normally don't want to waste time and try to get most of those points as soon as I can, within the first half of the year if possible

 so off i go to a A1 20pointer course in KL! yay, half requirement done by Jan! Kiasu!

 stay in nicer hotel since its the beginning of the year for me.. the budget ones come later part of the year

hotel breakfast.. costs RM79!

 going for course at Sunway with colleagues

 dinner at the hotel that night

 although i took MAS, i also visit KLIA2 as its my new favourite airport now

and had lunch there (more varieties) ..penang laksa, korean noodles.. wantan mee. Had the toast in KLIA though. and suddenly.. my 4days 3nights trip comes to an end so soon!

the course was interesting, and dentistry is moving so so fast (doing crowns and bridges within a morning?? we take weeks in private practice.. and months in government) but are we ready for such advance fast treatment.. and a hefty cost (maybe a Myvi?) oh well.. learning is learning.. then its back to reality in the clinic..

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hello 2015

I apologize for this post being over a month late!

 spend the new year week at City One, revisiting Earthlings

 grew to like this place due to the cozy environment.. thankfully the Christmas decos are still there

revisited the Cozy cafe at Jalan Song.. just had mushroom soup and garlic bread

chilling at Starbucks at Summers, the first time this year.. and the first time in a long time actually

 watched the Dog Race at Hills Shopping Mall

late lunch at Puzzle, Pullman

 tried the Groupon offer at Oishi Japanese Restaurant, Rock Road, for dinner

 some is part of the offer..

and some we added on.. its kinda pricey still considering the portions

 having one of my favourite dishes, hongan (thick rice noodle) cooked in foochow style, either sour soup style (zai chai ho gan) or the dry fried style! even bought my own ingredients to cook both versions at home

 having pork ribs, lamb and chicken wings at Howdy's, Jalan Song.. don't forget to book during weekends

tried Fork & Knife, Jalan Setia Raja for the first time... not bad either

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jingle Bells 2014 !

its that favourite time of the year again.. Christmas Season!

visited the lovely magical white lights at The Spring

dinner at Kluang Station, but so many not available on the menu

Sin Poh Poh 2 second round.. this time tried the clam laksa RM8

Sunday night dinner/ pre-Tang Yuan festival dinner at Nosh, Crown Square

large family platter.. salad, pesto and salmon.. *burps*

the carnivorous family

Christmas eve eve Potbless, thanks for the invite!

family Christmas eve dinner at Oinks

another carnivorous feast, family platter, seafood platter, burger.. could have feed 8 ppl easily

Christmas breakfast at Ta Wan Kung opposite MBKS cause lots of places where closed

having roast lamb at home

had a post-Christmas-and-final-weekend-of-2014 dinner at Full House, CityOne

had spaghetti, chicken chop and cake with ice cream.. nice meaningful popular Christmas tree of books!

had a large plate (enough for 2 even) char kueh tiaw at Original Car Wash, Rubber Road

as the days of 2014 start to run out, i managed to squeeze in a reunion with my good ol' besties from school.. had dinner at The Dyak together

then we continued to have desserts at Earthlings, City One, a lovely cozy cafe. i can't believe i haven't come here b4!

the pretty hot chocolate and mocha drinks .. and cherry cheesecake with ice chocolate as well

thanks for the reunion, gals! was a good night indeed chit chatting away.. too bad i had to work the next day

had lunch the next day at Kwang Tung, Ang Cheng Ho with my parents.. final family lunch for the 2014 for us

and as 2014 comes to an end..

 went to Buntal for lunch on 31st with colleagues.. their reason? its the last day of the year! should enjoyyyy...

and also had McD breakfast with parents.. KFC treat from my boss.. and Sugarbun treat from another friend.. that's a first for me to have 3 Fastfood meals within the final 24hours of 2014!

sorry if this post is long.. so many things seem to be going on pre-during-post Christmas 2014!

and manyyyyy thanks for the lovely presents i got this year! love u all lotssss! 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Travels End as December Comes

finally its time to unwind back in Kuching again as the work travels slow down in December.. went to watch Big Hero 6 (nice cartoon!) and ate at Sakae Sushi

tried out this new Big Sister Dumpling Cafe at Ang Cheng Ho.. not used to the self service. the set with dumplings is more worth it

chilling at Cloud 99

had a simple western dinner at Central Park

family plus office dinner.. with a set up of a wedding dinner! *sweat*

tried out this new place (new to us) near One TJ, had fish noodles at Yu Zhi Xiang and had prawn mee at the kopitiam next door

attended a wedding at a house

went to Pustaka Negeri Sarawak for a discussion.. nice but underused facility!

the lovely glass cafe overlooking the lake at Pustaka

tried out the newly renovated Medan Hamidah which is now Your Choice Cafe.. berbelanja sambil beramal

had lui cha at Big Mouth Kopi Tiam Batu Kawa

early December celebration at Tom's! watching the lovely Kuching Christmas Parade by the window

breakfast at Sin Poh Poh2 Padungan the next morning, moved here not long ago

dinner at Chef At Home behind the Astro near Wisma Saberkas, also moved from the house at Hui Sing

two nights of western food back-to-back.. nice although my spaghetti came late

tried out the Family Cafe near ambank at Satok area.. the prawn noodles/ mee udang superb special here go up to RM88!

tried the 101 Taipei at BDC as well next to Expert Food Court.. nice pork chops!