Friday, 29 May 2015

Simple KL Short Trip

 its yet another quick trip to KL (this is what working life is?) didn't even manage to get food outside, had to call for room service (first time ever for me!)

 had Japanese dinner later at Tokyo Don, Pavillion

 snacks at Dome

 and Italian at Italliannies

not bad.. for the price haha does remind me of Italy!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Short meeting in Sarikei

 went over to Sarikei for a short work trip via Sibu.. stayed at 808 lodge.. nice simple and clean

 had dinner with really really large prawns!

breakfast at Sarikei.. note the prices are cheaper here like Sibu (in Kuching everything multiply by 2).. and the cups show the Large and Small sizes, unlike kuching little cup with saucer.. and the dish on the right? that's Laksa! Wow! culture shock haha

Monday, 25 May 2015

Just another Kuching binge

 where can you get kolo mee with 5 large fresh prawns like this for a cheap price??? answer: no where.. we brought our own expensive prawns.. haha

 tried out Coffee Factory which is after 7th mile on the right side towards Padawan.. the block is occupied by the cafe and an instrument shop

the cute setting

 very cute hot chocolate! there's the mini layer cakes as well

celebrating a friend's birthday

 went to the cafe at Four points after that

 dear bestie had invited me over to her house for dinner! somehow looking at us remind me of this minion pictures snaughling.. if there is such a word

 chap goh mei eats.. more yee sang and large prawns!

 my bestie came from KK! brought her to Earthlings at City One for late drinks.. non alcoholic drinks that is

also attended a lovely wedding dinner that night

 at my work place we were celebrating CNY as well

 lovely pictures with lovely ladies at office, in cheong sam!

a random visit to Sushi King.. cooking egg on a hot plate!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

PM visited Sarawak UTC

 We were informed quite last minute that our PM is going to visit our Klinik 1 Malaysia that night

 quickly go and check how our clinic is

the opening ceremony with a 5000 strong crowd

the memorable visit!

 the team of doctors, dentists and pharmacist.. welcome welcome everyone!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Family trip to Lundu Resort

just a simple short family trip at the Retreat Sarawak Bank Union Resort

 the chalet that we stayed at

 nice shower.. but abit unfortunately water pressure is low at the time we were there

if you have a big party.. u can get this larger chalet with bbq set.. able to fit more than 10 ppl

 pictures around the resort... although i have been here many times
 the aerial view of the place

 walking around Lundu town

walking further further along the beach

 crabs anyone?

having lunch at Flower Scent seafood.. yummies!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Spending February with Love

Isn't that title catchy? Is everyone now asking when am I gonna tie the knot?

Too bad i disappointed you.. love can be for food.. and for Family too! ;P

 having spicy noodles at Life Cafe, Keretapi

 hearty beef and pork noodles at Hsiang Noodle House near Ang Cheng Ho, next to Hock Lee Centre

 Kuching famous wait-for-two-hours Noodle Descendent at Jalan Padungan.. the noodles and cheng soup are nice but if you are not willing to wait.. just head on to Sin Poh Poh 2 few shops away

big helping char kueh tiaw at Four Points.. similar menu at the Cafe Cafe branches..

 Valentine's? very pricey and overrated.. love the roses though.. one to decorate the restaurant table.. one Given by the restaurant.. i guess that's why its priced double.. they give you a rose whether you are celebrating Vtines or not

 there are other options if you want to be different from roses.. healthier.. and pricier version (maybe depends if you are a health freak.. or a typical chinese aka. foochow hahaha) .. i want the latter ANYTIME

nearing the CNY season.. time for yee sang and family dinners! always book monthssss in advance.. kuching people just love to eat out now for nearly any occasion

 dishes for CNY eve dinner

 and the desserts.. the pudding is supposed to be a foochow dessert.. but unfortunately, not a fan...

 due to lots of Chinese kopitiam closed over CNY.. we tried the LL Banana Leaf near Rubber Road.. interesting for a change

 having western dinner at Nosh (again, all the Chinese restaurants are booked.. )

 CNY morning breakfast.. chicken mee sua with huge abalone!

 and visiting (low scale) from relatives, friends and colleagues.. (cause i am getting too old to entertain huge crowds now)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Meeting in Sri Aman

In early Feb we went for a few days meeting in Sri Aman, a town a few hours away from Kuching

 stayed at Hotel Seri Simanggang.. walked nearby to a kopi tiam for char kueh

 malam mesra that night in the hotel, and a mini reunion with 2 ex uni mates

 meeting up with old and new pharmacists friends as well

 went out for the famous char kueh in Sri Aman.. heard people come all the way from Kuching to try this!

also tried out kolo mee in a house kopi tiam at the housing area